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35,000+ items to choose from

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February 21st-25th 2018

  • Wednesday 2/21 Private PreSale for Volunteer, Consignors and New Mamas only!
  • Thursday 2/22 12pm-8pm Prime Shopping Day: Purchase Tickets Now  
    • Are you a Hero(Firefighter, Police officer, Military, Teacher, or Nurse)?  Register Now. Then Bring your ID  and ticket to shop for free at 2pm
    • Are you a friend of one of our current consignors?  Hit them up… they have unlimited passes to shop for free at 4pm.
  • Friday 2/23 12pm-8pm Public Free Admission
  • Saturday 2/24  10am-6pm Public Free Admission
  • Sunday 2/25 8am-1pm 50% off Sale Public Free Admission

6905 Warner Avenue Huntington Beach, Ca 92647

Goldenwest and Warner next to Big Lots



RSVP Going to our event page to win a $100 shopping spree and shop 1st!  Winner will be picked from the Going list on February 18th at 8pm  



Please carefully inspect each item you plan to purchase! We can help you open packages…. Just ask one of our representatives.

This is a great example at what you might find at our Next Event!

  • We have inspected each item to the best of our abilities… But please keep in mind that with 40,000 items that a few can get missed.  Please inspect your items before purchasing as ALL SALES ARE FINIAL!
  • We have made EVERY effort to ensure that there are no recalled items at our events, however I encourage you to check  for recalled items.
  • Bring a list, measure tape, and outline of your children’s foot. I also like to have a list of what I do not need.
  • Leave your large bags, purses, and diaper bags in the car. You may bring your stroller but nothing in it but your child. We will be looking in your strollers and bags as you leave the store. We do this, per our consignor agreement.  Urban Kids will take every reasonable measure to keep consignors’ items safe.
  • When shopping be sure to check a size up and down. Each brand can run a little big or small. Shopping ahead for the next season is a great idea too. With amazing deals you can never have too much!
  • IF YOU CAN, please leave the little ones at home, especially on Thursday and Friday and Sunday mornings, as these are our busiest  times.
  • Please remember all of the toys and books for sale belong to families, just like you. Please do not allow children to play with the consigned items or damage  them. Chances are those items might just belong to a friend of yours!
  • It is so tempting for children…..But please do not allow children to swing on the racks or play in between them. These racks are holding hundreds of pounds of clothing.
  • Children must stay close to an adult at all times! Urban Kids can get very overwhelming for little ones and it can get very crowded.  Please help us keep our children safe.