Step 6: Donate or Pickup Unsold Items

You have the option to choose whether you would like an individual unsold item to be donated to a local charity or to have it back.  You will make this decision when you input your items online and print your tags.

Donate your unsold items

We encourage you to donate your unsold items; there are many local women and children that would greatly benefit from your donation. Please click on the link below to learn more about the organization in need of your unsold items. They will be picking up your donated items at the close of the event.

You will want to print your donation report within a few days of the event closing.  You will go to the log in(top right hand corner) and print your report from the drop down menu.  Here is the letter that you will want to use for your taxes as well.

Christian Outreach in Action  Long Beach






Pick-Up Your unsold Items

You will need to pick up your unsold items on Sunday, July 30th 2pm-5pm

Unsold items not picked up by 6:00 pm on Sunday the 30th will become property of Urban Kids Consignment and donated to the charity of our choice. You will need to make arrangements ahead of time for someone else to pick-up your items for you if you are unable. If someone else is going to pick up your items, they MUST have a note in hand with your consignor number and signature. There will be NO way for you to retrieve your items after the 6:00 pm deadline.


More regarding our new policy on picking up your items.

Urban Kids is making a big change to pickups for 2017.  I am moving from a ReSort to a NoSort.  I know this change may seem scary at first.   But as with everything I do with Urban Kids this change will be well thought out.  I have talked to many other events that have made this change.  I am excited that this will help with some very important issues that I have been having. 

Why is Urban Kids making the change?

With the last few sales I have noticed that a few resort volunteers have been nonchalant about getting unsold items in the correct consignor bin with the care I  expect. The most common way for items to turn up missing is human error at resort.  Our volunteers are moms and dads(aka human)and mistakes do happen. For a volunteer, a number like 2112 starts too look like 1112 1122 or 2211 or even 1221.  But at the last pickups we were finding all sorts of items in other consignors bins.  Bins separated and place in a diffident locations, missing bins, or pieces missing from the item.  Without a doubt, the consignors are disappointed and therefore I am not happy! 

One missing item is Too Many…. but more than 10 and there needs to be a change!  So I am making the change.  I know is sounds crazy… At first I thought so too.  Quickly asking other events all over US, I realized that I am one of few events that still ReSort!  More research I do, the more I am finding out why going to a no resort is way better. 

Why is this better for you?

Fewer missing items. You care about your items. Fewer hands on your items. You are solely responsible for getting your item home.  With this system volunteers will not be throwing your items around nor putting them on the dirty floor, nor the wrong bin.  Getting your own items should be easy for you, as you know what your items look like.  You do not have to bring in a bin and leave it with me at drop offs.  Now, you do not have to mark each and every tag.  You just mark your hangers for your ease. 

What does this mean for you as the consignor?

  1. A little bit of prep.  With this new process you will want to mark your hangers, with tape (if you not donating).  You will take extra care,  making sure each tag has the correct size and gender.   You will want to price items such as clothing, shoes, and books to sell and mark them discount.  Yes…. please! please! mark your clothing, shoes, and books as discount!  You will be so happy you did!  Both in sales and a small load to pick up! 
  2. Print your unsold items report after 1:30pm on Sunday.  If you want you can pull up the report on your smart phone.  I encourage you to bring a clipboard, a pin or marker, and tote or wagon.
  3. Come on Sunday 2pm-5pm to pick up your items.  You will grab your own items from the tables and racks. You will also want to give yourself a bit more time.  It should only take about 30 minutes if you have under 100 unsold items.
  4. If you missing an item look in other areas of the store.  For clothing you will check other sizes looking for your marked hanger.  You will also want to check the missing tags area.  Or check in bins that we have taken off the floor because it did not meet the inspection standards. 
  5. If you have decided that you only have just a few items and you do not want to pick up… no worries.  Just send me a quick email, with your consignor number, letting me know.  If you can not pick up you can have a friend do that for you.  Just send your unsold items report with your fiend and a note.
  6. Any items not picked up by 6:01pm will be donated.  The donation truck will be picking up at 6:01pm on that Sunday. 

What will I be doing to make this easier for you? 

  1. I will have plenty of volunteers on hand to help with this new process. 
  2. I will also have extra volunteers throughout the day that will be making sure your items are in the correct place. 
  3. I will have the rolling racks available if needed. 
  4. After collecting all your items will take your items to the checkout station for a volunteer check to see all the items are yours.  Then you will get a pass to get your check and walk out the door. 
  5. You will receive your check at pick ups, providing you have everything and there are no discrepancies with your check. 

Again, please know I have and will continue putting ample time researching and talking to others to make this new process easy for you.  Please have patience with the volunteers and I while we work through the little kinks.  I would love your feedback, please send me an email to improve on the pickup process.