Step 4: Print Your Barcodes

Urban Kids Consignment uses a barcode system that allows us to keep track of your items. You will simply enter your items into our online system called My Sale Manager(MSM). MSM is very simple to use. You will start by logging in at the top right hand side of this website. “Consignor Login” Once you put your inventory in MSM, you will then print your tags. Each tag has a unique, corresponding barcode. The tags with the barcodes will allow you to go online and see what you have sold each night!  The deadline to enter you items into the system is July 23rd at 5am.  You can print your tags after this date but you can not make changes.


All of your items should be sorted by gender and size before you enter them into the system. You will also want to sort your inventory by like items. This will save you time! The system will remember the information from your last entry (except the price and description). You will then only have to type in the price and description of next item.


All items must be at least $1.00 and increments of 50 cents. Here is our PRICE GUIDE.  Please feel free to reference it to help price your items.  Select prices for items based on what you would be excited to pay for them. Remember it is likely that other consignors will have the exact item.  Shoppers will be comparison shopping. Whenever possible, we recommend using a description line to state the retail price (see below).


On Sunday we have our discount (50%) day. Discounted items have a better chance of selling! Any item(s) you do not want to be discounted must have “Check to Discount” unchecked when logging your items into the system. If “Check to Discount” is selected that item will be sold as a discounted item on Sunday! The system allows you to choose what item(s) you would like discounted. Any item(s) that is check to be donated will be discounted automatically. We do this as half the money is better than no money when you are donating. I highly suggest that you mark all items as discount. You will be much happier to take your larger check home than the item.  Shoppers who shop on Sunday usually only shop for the 50% off items. So if your item is not sold by Saturday and not marked to be discounted then it looses a whole shopping day!  If you have any questions or concerns email  or ask on our consignor Facebook group.  I want all of your items to sell.  They will if price right!


Complete and accurate descriptions help sell an item. Mention brand name  and brief description. Being extremely descriptive discourages theft and can also help us match lost items with loose tags.

There are two lines where you may describe. The first line you will need to put the brand. Second line put a complete and accurate description. If possible, mention the retail price on line two. This will help the shoppers realize what a great deal they are getting.

Please make sure you use the correct category and size.  This will make a huge impact on use when setting up for the event.  We will need to know how much room we need for each category and size.


Tags will print 6 to a page. Tags should be printed onto WHITE OR VERY LIGHT COLOR CARDSTOCK or the sticker tags. All barcodes must be legible and printed with black ink. Do not use normal weight paper or construction paper for tags! If you change either the price, description, donate, or discount on a tag that is already printed, you MUST reprint the tag and put the NEW tag on your item. We will not accept tags with handwritten changes.  Please do not use Firefox on any Mac or iOS device when printing your tags.


Print tags using the normal setting on your printer, not high quality. Make sure your pop-up blocker is off. Sometimes when your browser is slow the barcodes are the last to show up. Make sure before you print that the barcodes are on each tag. The print quality of your barcode is extremely important. Please print a page of test tags to see how they look. Use a critical eye when checking the quality of barcodes. If you do not have good barcodes then the volunteers have to hand enter them at checkout. This is where human error could occur. We want to make sure you get credit for your sold item.

If your barcodes look like this one, you’re good to go.

Good tag

If it looks like the barcode below, you are using too much ink.  Try a lighter setting.  


If it looks like this one, replace your ink cartridge with a new one and align your replacement cartridge.  

needs more ink

 If it looks like one of the barcodes below, realign your current ink cartridge and try again.


Mark your Hangers

We recommend you to  mark each hanger with a unique Mark using the same color zip tie, washi tape, or ribbon. This help you to easily identify your clothing items during pick ups. Stamping your tags will help as well.  If the clothing falls off the hanger we will need to replace with a new hanger without your mark.