Step 3: Prep Your Items

All consigned items must be CLEAN, pleasant smelling, and in WORKING order, with batteries! To keep our reputation as providers of high quality items, we depend on you, the consignor, to screen your items. If you take extra time cleaning your items, you can ask more for them. We do inspect all items at your drop off appointment, under good lighting, which may show once unnoticed stains. We reserve the right to refuse any item due to being recalled, out-of-date, dirty, stained or ripped. Shoppers appreciate our strict high standards.


  • Cardstock (white or light colored) or stickers
  • Hangers (they will be sold with the item)
  • Ziploc Bags
  • Packing Tape
  • painters tape
  • Tagging Gun (highly recommend)
  • something to mark each hanger ie washi tape, ribbon, ziptie

Awesome news we have a vendor that makes sticker tags!  Super easy to use! Go to the consignment supply store to order your stickers now. They will ship within 1 business day of cleared payment.


Plastic or metal hangers may be used. All hangers must face the same direction (like a question mark “?” opened to the left). For best results tags should be attached with a tagging gun. This is the best way to keep your tag secure to your item. If you do not have access to a tagging gun, large SAFETY PINS may be used. Attach your printed tag to the garment’s manufacturer tag or to the armpit seam. For extra security measures you may tape your safety pins and/or barbs from your tagging gun.  Make sure the tag is visible and on the outside of the garment. NO STRAIGHT PINS OR STAPLES! All clothing must be on hangers; no clothing items in bags will be accepted.  You will not get hangers back on sold items.  You will need to mark each hanger with a ribbon, zip tie or Washi Tape if you are not going to donate.

When hanging pants or shorts be sure to safety pin them to the top of the hanger close enough so they do not slip. Refer to the picture below. If jeans/pants are size 8 and up fold them in half at the waist and then fold over the hanger before putting the tag on the LEG of the pants. *Make sure to button all buttons, snap snaps, tie bows and zip zippers! Matching loose accessories should be secured w/safety pins or zip ties(i.e. bows, belts, bibs).









You must use a zip tie or safety pin to pair the shoes together. There are two things that will help secure your shoes. You may use packing tape to secure the safety pin. You can also tape the top of the tag, hole punch the tag, then put a zip tie through the tag. Be creative most shoes can be zip tied.


It is best to take out all large items out of its box, keep the box at home, and have the item assembled at the time of your drop-off appointment. It will sell quicker when people can see what the item looks like fully assembled.  Double check that your tag can not be removed.  Secure the tag to it’s item so it can not be removed easily.  Zip ties are your friend.


Please recheck to make sure DVDs, computer games, and CDs are in their cases and that puzzles and games have all their pieces. Use a Ziploc bag to secure all small pieces. Use packing tape to close the top of the Ziploc bag. Leave DVD’s and games unsealed until your drop off appointment. After it is inspected you will then be asked to tape the item closed. Check all books to make sure there are no torn, written on, or missing pages.


Use packing tape to secure tags only when zip ties will not work (books,toys, etc). Small items or multiple items should be put into Ziplock bags with the tag secured to the outside of the bag. Make sure the bag is tightly closed with packing tape (NO SCOTCH TAPE) securing the top of the bag and all sides of tag. We want to make sure no little hands get inside the Ziplock bags and take out items.