Step 1: Register to Consign

As a consignor you must consign at least 30 items and no more than 500. If have more than 500 items you must register for a second consignor number. Your volunteer to work shift(s) are only good for that number. If you have less than 30 and they are all big items, contact me and let’s work it out.

There can only be one Consignor per Consignor number. Consignors may not share a number unless you are a nonprofit organization raising money for your school/charity.

When registering, consignors will prepay a $12.00 non refundable  non transferable consignor fee per event.

Deadline to get your inventory in on our online system is February 18th at 5am.

You can check HERE to see if we have work shifts before you register.

New Consignors: read all steps before registering.

Returning Consignors: read over the News & Tips for changes regarding our upcoming event and then register.

Valet Consignors: all you need to do is read over the valet page and do steps 1 and 2! Email Heather@UrbanKidsConsignment to set up your drop off time.

You will be directed to Paypal to pay the $12.00 nonrefundable nontransferable consignor fee.  Once you have finished the payment use the link from PayPal to be redirected to Urban Kids.  DO NOT USE THE BACK BROWSER BUTTON.

Below is a 20 minute video on how to register and navigate MSM to input your inventory on a laptop or PC without voice entry

Below is a 5 minute video on how to register and navigate MSM to input your inventory on your phone using voice entry.